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Vote Jordan Lester to be your NL PC party candidate in Topsail in the next NL provincial General Election (electronic copy of my brochure)

Vote Jordan Lester to be your NL PC party candidate in Topsail for the next NL provincial General election

When? Thursday October 23rd of 2014

Where? One of the following two locations:

1) Paradise Community Centre (Resource Room)– MacNamara Road

2) St. John the Evangelist Anglican Church– Rectory Road, Topsail

What do I need to vote?

() “Voters are reminded to have two pieces of I.D., one of which must include a street address and picture”

For More Details on my candidacy:

Twitter: @JordanLesterNL

Facebook:Jordan Willis L or Jordan Lester

Google+: JordanLesterforTopsail

Gmail: or

Cellphone #: 1-709-730-7272

other alternative email: and

If you have any additional comments concerns or questions, feel free to contact me. Happy voting! This is your democracy!

Where the 2 nomination meetings are where you can vote for me or Paul Davis, and their locations and when they are open etc

When? Thursday October 23rd of 2014 (as announced on VOCM news on Friday October 17th of 2014, and on the NL PC party website:

Where? One of the following two locations:

1) Paradise Community Centre (Resource Room)-MacNamara Road

2) St. John the Evangelist Anglican Church— Rectory Road, Topsail

What do I need to vote?

“Voters are reminded to have two pieces of I.D., one of which must include a street address and picture”

Why I am running for the Topsail District Nomination and How I would do Democracy Differently

My Platform and Policies

1) Greater Party and GovernmentTransparency:

—- The NL House of Assembly Should be required to sit a minimum of 70 days out of the 365 day calendar year with a goal of eventually reaching 170 to 200 days of sitting by 2018/2019/2020.

— We need All-party committtees: NL is one of the only provinces in Canada without a robust committee system, despite unfulfilled promises from the 2003 bluebook to do just this

— We need an NL style Parliamentary reform act to loosen party discipline, strengthen the role of backbenchers in both government and opposition so they can better represent their constituents. This work is already beginning federally but has yet to happen provincially.

— We need a system of binding Private Members Bills and not just voluntary non-binding private members resolutions. Other Canadian provinces and even the Canadian Federal Parliament have this, and we are one of the few who doesn’t. This too would strengthen the role of backbenchers to better represent their constituents.

2) Greater Mental Healthcare

—NL needs a Province Wide Mental Health Declaration modelled on the one signed by MUN during national plus provincial Mental health awareness week

— We need a province-wide review of our entire NL mental healthcare system. Organizations like the Mental health Commission of Canada, Memorial/MUN Minds, the Canadian Mental Health association (CMHA) nationally and provincially are doing great work. Anyone who has an opinion on this issue should be free to express it and have their voice heard.

—We also need an NL Mental Health Strategy, something which Memorial University of Newfoundland is looking at doing over the next 2 years. So shouldn’t the government of NL follow MUN’s lead or even provide province-wide leadership for the benefit of everyone who is living, working, studying, volunteering or visiting or residing here?

–We need more regular updates on how the construction of the mental health care infrastructure like a New Waterford Hospital is progressing, and all stakeholders including CMHA, MUN/Memorial Minds, etc.. need to have a seat at the table

—We need to restore funding and refound the Waterford Hospital CNA ABE program. It was going great work to help those experiencing mental health issues/concerns and/or mental illness to complete their K to 12 education while in a short, medium or long-term stay in the waterford hospital. Education and Mental health go hand and hand, and are both complementary in helping taking for a healthier and happier society, province, country, and healthier happier people individuals communities and families.

3) Better Civic Youth Student and Community Engagement and increasing civic youth student and community voter turnout

—- we Need to amend the NL Elections Act to give Elections NL the mandate plus the financial and other resources necessary to collect more detailed information on youth and student voter turnout, why youth and student do or don’t vote,etc. Elections Canada federally and Election bodies in other provinces have this mandate, so why don’t we?

—It’s time that we introduced a pilot project with the goal of bringing in province-wide online electronic voting no later then October of 2019. The idea is that the pilot project would test the software out with mock elections to fine tune the software then once it’s ready, we make use of the software during provincial by-elections, municipal by-elections, as well as provincial and municipal elections.

This is not too much to ask: The province of New Brunswick and parts of the province of Ontario use exclusively electronic voting. For example, the town of Leamington, Ontario, uses a system whereby you register online or at the town hall to vote. Then a week or two before voting day, via courier by Canada Post, your Voter ID access code to cast your ballot is sent to you in the mail at the postal code you provided in a sealed envelope. Then you can go online to a secure independent impartial third-party website to enter in your PIN like a password to log onto your email and then you have 20 minutes to select who you wish to vote for and press send.

The MUN Student union (MUNSU) also already uses electronic voting, and St. John’s Pride Inc. uses software by the company ElectionBuddy to blend paper ballot AND hybrid voting together using a ranked preferential ballot (you can rank your preferences for candidates equal to the number of candidates for a position, or even click no preference/a kind of “none of the above” option next to the names of a candidate or candidate(s)

The lack of adequate public transit from Metrobus and GoBus are contributing to the underuse of mental health services. This is what a consultancy report for the City of Mount Pearl, undertaken in 2005 to 2009, concluded that is available on the City of Mount Pearl’s website in their digital archives. We need a GSJA (Greater St. John’s Area) and GNEA (Greater North-East Avalon) public transit system led by a body of stakeholders from all municipalities in the GSJA plus the GNEA, as well as mental health advocacy groups, businesses, users of public transit, students, youth,etc.


These are just the highlights of some of the ideas that I hae.

So you must be wondering: what makes me qualified. First of all, I live in the Elizabeth Park sub-division of the Town of Paradise on the border between Mount Pearl North plus the District of Topsail.

During my mid-August to September 24th of 2013 campaign to become a Councillor at Large on the Town of Paradise Municipal Council, during the province-wide NL municipal elections, I heard concerns from residents from all over the town of paradise, who by the way make up the majority of the provincial district of Topsail. These were not just municipal matters, but community and educational matters such as concerning our school(s) plus health boards, provincial concerns like the need for a new combined junior high and/or high school in the Town of Paradise. I also heard concerns about federal matters like intergovernmental relations, equalization and transfer payments between the provincial and federal governments, and its impacts on municipal and provincial services. Currently, the Federal government provides federal-provincial transfer payments for health and for K to 12 education. However, there are no transfers on such critical issues as mental health care, public transit or post-secondary education. Perhaps it’s time we look into these concerns and find ways to establish said transfers for the benefit of all in the Canadian Federation, all Canadians, Newfoundland and Labradorians etc.

I am also a fresh perspective. I came within 650 votes of being elected to the Town of Paradise Municipal Council to represent a town that is a city all but in name of 23,000 people. Here is my platform from that election:

You can check the Election 2013 section of the Town of Paradise website if you wish to verify what I have said above.

————— Also as someone who commutes from Paradise to St. John’s on a regular basis for my MUN PSE (Post secondary education) studies [which I have one course left in, so I will start that last course in January of 2015 and graduate in May of 2015), recreation, shopping, work, volunteer work,etc., I daily see the traffic problems on Kenmount Road and Topsail road. I also see the traffic problems on our highway lanes, bylanes, access roads, and roads in and out of Mount Pearl, CBS and Paradise.

You see, the riding of Topsail contains most of Paradise, and parts of Mount Pearl and CBS close to the borders of Paradise and other municipalities like the Capital City of St. John’s, among others. It is a sub-urban and sub-rural district that is as diverse as this province and our country of Canada is, and this means taking new approaches, new methods and new styles of communication, as well as engaging and listening to our residents more effectively. We are one of the largest, if not the largest, commuter districts in the province, if not the largest.

The Town of Paradise has been consistently ranked as “The Fastest Growing Municipality in Atlantic Canada”, having once since the second largest municipality in the province, only to drop to third due to the rapid growth of CBS, which is now the second largest Muncipality in Newfoundland with 26,000 people. A portion of those people are in Topsail District, while others are in the district of CBS which is currently subject to a provincial by-election.

There is also a portion of the City of Mount Pearl, with which between 14,000 to 17,000 people is the fourth largest municipality in this province.

This is why it is so important that as many people as possible get engaged in the political process, such as by discussing policies and/or concerns they have in these communities, in your families, as individuals, and provincially and even federally.

My candidacy in this race has faced a nomination meeting on Thursday October 23rd from 4 to 8pm (in my next post I will give details of where you can vote, and what ID’s you need to vote for either myself, or for Paul Davis)

This is your chance to vote for your vision of what the provincial district of Topsail should look like over the next 4 to 5 years when the next provincial NL general election is called.

If you want to get involved in my campaign, you can call my cellphone at 1-709-730-7272, email me at or, or you can find me on Facebook as either Jordan Lester or Jordan Willis L.

Or you can follow me on Twitter: @JordanLesterNL

Sincerely a fellow PSE student, worker and resident of the great provincial NL district of Topsail,

Jordan Willis Lester

Lester For Topsail: Reform we can Trust: Jordan Lester Announces candidacy in Topsail PC Nomination Race

(repost from) October 12th, 2014

Paradise,NL- Local community activist and Progressive Conservative Party of NL member Jordan Lester today declared his candidacy for the PC nomination for the electoral district of Topsail. Lester outlined the necessity of political reform in the province starting from within the PC Party.

“Many people have become distrustful of our party, and we need to recognize our mistakes”, Lester said, “If elected, I would push for reform and help regain the public’s trust in our Progressive Conservative government.”

Lester was a candidate in last year’s race for Paradise town council. He has also been active in democracy and mental health advocacy over the years. Notably, he was a delegate for PC MUN at September’s PC leadership convention, winning more votes than any other candidate competing for delegate status.

Lester mentioned transparency and mental health as two major issues that he would address if elected.

“From Bill 29 to our lack of political finance laws, democracy needs to be repaired in our province”, he said.

Lester also expressed disappointment with the manner in which the party has handled the nomination for Topsail.

“Nominations opened Friday afternoon, and closed Sunday at 12:30pm”, Lester said. “If our party is serious about renewal, it needs to welcome debate and challenges as opposed to making them difficult for those looking to become involved.”


For media inquiries, please contact:

Jordan Lester   1-709-730-7272